Our History

Velenosi Hockey teaches strength and control in skating plus all the skills needed to become a complete hockey player.

Balance and edge control, proper backward skating skills, explosive starts and stops, quick turns in all directions, resistance training to build stamina, innovative hockey drills and shooting techniques, proper stickhandling and puck control.

All of the V-Team staff are graduates of the "Velenosi" program which guarantees proper instruction and correction.

Skating is the most important part of hockey, it is repetitive and takes many hours of proper instructiuon.

A defenseman needs to have excellent forward skills and a forward needs to have excellent backward skills, and a goalie needs to be the best skater on the team!

Velenosi Hockey provides year round clinics for all levels of hockey players from the Hamilton Minor Hockey Initiation Program (beginner hockey), Learn To Skate Programs for all ages, and all levels of hockey to AAA. Sandy also offers group, private, team and association instruction for all levels including Junior/Pro/Referees. Please see testimonials further down the page from Zac Rinaldo, Ben Chiarot, Adam Mair, Matt Carey, Paul Maurice, Hamilton Bulldogs (AHL) and more.


“VELENOSI” Alumni includes many of our students over the years that have been drafted or playing in the NHL AHL, ECHL, KHL, including Adam Mair, Zac Rinaldo, Ben Chiarot, Shane Wright, Brian McGratton, Andrew Ianiero, Mark Popovic, Joey Tenute Kyle Hagel, Drew Petkoff, Drew Schiestel, Scott Timmins, Ryan Ellis, Darnell Nurse, Tyler Gaudet, Spencer Abbott, Matt Carey, Greg Carey, Zac Rinaldo, Goalies Mike Ouzas and David Brown, plus hundreds of students who have or currently play in Europe, OHL, JR. A, JR. B, Jr. C, or have received hockey scholarships to Colleges and Universities throughout Canada and the States.

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Power skating the Velenosi way

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Velenosi hockey clinics in UAE a big hit

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  • Velenosi Power Skating has made me the player that I am today. Without Sandy and his knowledge of how to be a great skater I wouldnt have achieved my goal of being drafted to the NHL this past summer. I owe alot of thanks to Velenosi for helping me achieve my goals.

    Ben Chariot

    4th round draft 2009 to Atlanta Thrahsers (NHL)

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  • If you want to learn how to skate the right way, look no further ! Sandy Velenosi taught me from day one. His technique made me a strong skater and really lengthened my stride... if you've never seen Sandy skate, your in for a real treat - he's the best skater i've ever seen.

    Zac Rinaldo

    6th round draft 2008 to Philadelphia Flyers (NHL)

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  • Throughout my hockey career I have attended many skill developing camps but I owe a significant amount to Sandy Velenosi for training me at such a young age to develop not only good edge work but proper balance which has enabled me to further develop at the pro level. At a young age it is paramount to develop these specific skills because as you grow as a hockey player, you not only maintain proper balance but improve each year, no matter what level you are performing at. Thank you Sandy for all of your help.

    Matt Carey

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The Velenosi Family

Portrait of Sandy Velenosi

Sandy Velenosi | Director of Operations

For over 20 years, Sandy brings his speed, balance, lateral movements, agility, resistance training, stick and puck control, shooting skills and hockey experience to Velenosi Power Skating and Hockey Development.

As well as offering clinics year round, Sandy has instructed thousands of hockey players, from beginner to pro, for teams and associations including Hamilton Minor Hockey Initiation Program (HMHIP), Hamilton Hub, Caledonia Boys And Girls, Stoney Creek Warriors, Stoney Creek Girls Junior And Midget AA, Chedoke, Flamborough, Hamilton Reps/Huskies AAA/AA/MD, Hamilton Bulldogs AAA, Hamilton Hawks Girls, Grimsby MHA, Hamilton, Burlington, Caledonia Ringette, Carlisle Hockey School, Hagersville, Norwich, Port Dover, Simcoe, Cayuga, Waterford, Welland, Ridley, Paris, Brantford Referee Clinics, Carolina Hurricanes Summer Camps, AHL Hamilton Bulldogs, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Can Am Hockey. Sandy has worked with many pro players including Adam Mair, Zac Rinaldo, Ben Chiarot, Matt Carey, Spencer Abbott, Goalie Dwayne Roloson and team Canada's Laura Fortino.

Portrait of Marilynn Velenosi

Marilynn Velenosi

Marilynn started the "Velenosi Way of Skating" 35 years ago, developing specialized teaching techniques for hockey players, and helping with evaluations, co-ordinating the programs and administration. Marilynn has worked with many pro players including AHL Hamilton Bulldogs under the coaching staff of Lorne Molleken, Walt Kyle and Rick Nattress, Hamilton Steelhawks, Adam Mair (Toronto/Buffalo) started with Marilynn at the age of 3. Marilynn now sees many of her former students and parents now bringing their children and grandchildren to the program. Check out The Hamilton Spectator article explaining how the program started.

More Testimonials

Shayne Wright

Bob & Linda Wright

I was just searching for websites of Shayne and your site came up listing him as a former student so I just wanted to thank you for the 3 yrs that Shayne spent at your hockey school from 1985 to 1988. What he was taught and learned from your program played a huge role in the success he has had in his hockey career. We would have definitely continued on in your program had it not been changed from Sunday to Tuesday after you left the triple rinks. Your teaching techniques were the best and what you taught him during the ages of 10 to 12 stayed with him to this day. What most impressed me was the fact that age had no barring, as long as a boy continued to improve his skating you would move him up a level to skate with the older kids, this was to me a great confidence booster for Shayne. He continued on to play in the OHL with the Owen Sound Platers, for 3 years 1992/93 to 1994/95 as is still listed as one of the top 2 defenceman that played with the Platers. H e was drafted by the Buffalo Sabres in 1994 and played in their farm system with the Rochester Americans from 1995/96 to 1997/98. In 1998/99 he played for the Canadian National Team and during the same year played for the Zurich Lions in the Swiss League. In 1999 he started his career in the DEL German League. He has just signed a new contract with the Krefeld Penguins for 05/06 season. He received his German Citizenship in August 2005, married a German girl and now lives in Germany. I have never forgot your program and when people ask me if he took skating lessons I tell them yes at a school run by Marilynn Velenosi in Hamilton. Just wanted you to know how greatful we are. Thanks.

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Adam Mair

On March 27, 2004 at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, 15,119 Hockey Fans honoured 45 Heroes of Hometown Hockey during the AHL Bulldogs vs St. Johns Mapleleafs. Buffalo Sabres forward Adam Mair was unable to attend but sent a Video Tape and thanked Marilynn Velenosi for contributing to his Hockey Career. Adam skated with Velenosi Power Skating and Hockey Development from the age of three until seventeen.

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Carolina Hurricanes

May this confirm that I had the pleasure of working with Sandy Velenosi at the 2001 Caroline Hurricanes Summer Camp. The Carolina Hurricanes brought Mr. Velenosi from Canada for this camp in order for him to organize and oversee its power skating component. Power skating is an integral part of any hockey development program. Mr. Velenosi’s system, especially the drills he has created where he exhibits his phenomenal technique, agility and puck control on the ice, greatly impressed not only myself but also the parents in attendance.

Mr. Velenosi proved he is both an instructor of the highest caliber and an individual who possesses an ability to work with both children and the greater community. He truly made our 2001 Summer Hockey Development program a resounding success.

I have no hesitation in providing my recommendation.


Paul Maurice

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Andy McMillan

At the Toronto Maple Leaf Skills Competition held at the Air Canada Centre Ancaster's Andy Mcmillan was one target short of winning the competition. Andy plays for the 10 AAA Hamilton Junior Bulldogs. In the Fastest Skater Competiton, Andy won with the Fastest Skater time and the quickest time in two years. When interviewed by Tv and Radio he was asked how he became so fast and he said "Sandy Velenosi taught me". Andy was also featured on the cover of the Ontario Hockey News and the Toronto Stars Sports Section.

Sandy holding a clinic at the Carlisle Hockey School

The Carlisle Hockey School

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Richard Heeley and I am one of two partners who own and run the Carlisle Hockey School. We operate our full day school for three weeks each August and have been in business for a period of six years. Each year we service approximately 200 hockey players ranging in age from five to thirteen years. For the last four years Mr. Sandy Velenosi has been our exclusive power skating instructor.

It is my distinct pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Sandy. He is a dedicated professional who is amiable, outgoing, reliable and conducts his business with great integrity. He is highly knowledgeable, and is able to break the art of skating into its most basic components and convey this to his students. He stresses balance, agility and edge control to enhance stride length and quickness. In the four years that Sandy has been an integral part of our program (a minimum of two hours each day), I have witnessed an immense improvement in the skating of hundreds of students.

Sandy is well-respected by our participants and their parents for his knowledge and his excellent rapport with his students. They like to learn from Sandy. They enjoy his classes both because he makes learning to skate enjoyable and each and every one of his students know that they have improved their skating by the end of one week of instruction.

It is my pleasure to recommend Sandy as a skating instructor whether the students he works with are hockey players, beginning, intermediate, or advanced pleasure skaters. If you have any questions or would like clarification regarding anything that I have said, please do not hesitate to contact me at the address provided in the letterhead or by telephone. As well, I can be reached by email.

Respectfully Yours:

Richard Heeley

Ashley Johnston shoots a puck

Ashley Johnston | NCAA D1 Hockey

I just want to take the time to thank the Velenosi family for the incredible skating instruction I received during my minor hockey. I absolutely accredit my skating ability to Sandy's hard work and persistance in teaching me (I most definitely am not a 'natural' skater) but my stride has come a long way from when I first started. Sandy teaches skating unlike any other power skating school I've seen, and in my opinion, it is the most effective way. I was commonly told my forward skating and acceleration needed to improve- Sandy not only improved this but also my balance, power, side to side movement, and backwards skating. Many of the drills and techniques Sandy taught are re-iterated at the college level. Thank you the Velenosi family for all your hard work with me throughout the years. You guys definitely helped me achieve my goal of playing NCAA D1 hockey.

One memory I always have is of when I first started at the figure skating rink. I used to always go to the far right line (probably hoping none of the instructors would see me!). I soon figured out Sandy's father watched that line. Over the next couple years he definitely spent lots of time correcting my technique. I slowly grew to enjoy it and I remember being quiet sad when I saw he wasn't coaching any more. Nevertheless, this year I found myself in the far right line leading skating drills for my team as one of the faster skaters. Thank you guys for everything. I loved my time with velenosi power skating and accredit a lot of my success to you guys for diligently teaching me not only how to skate but how to skate properly.

Thanks again, hope all is well.

Dennis Bonvie | Hamilton Bulldogs, Edmonton Oilers

"I know I've got to work on my skating to hopefully get to the next level. I'm taking everything I can from the teachers, trying to use both my edges on different turns. That's the key, when you can use different edges and keep your speed when making turns.It starts in practice and you keep working on it. All of a sudden it becomes a habit and you don't think about it."

Quote January 1997 ONTV regarding Velenoisi Power Skating

Eric Landry | Hamilton Bulldogs, Calgary Flames

"It's very tough, you have to learn how to use your edges properly, we're still learning it right now. You're skating from one side to the other, losing your balance but you just keep trying and it's worth it in the end."

Quote January 1997 ONTV regarding Velenosi Power Skating

George Laraque | Hamilton Bulldogs, Edmonton Oilers

"It definitely has helped. I feel a lot faster. I'm taking longer strides and pushing with my edges better. I don't use as much energy as I used to. In the past, I used more energy and got less results. I know I'm a tough guy. Tough guys don't usually need to improve their fighting, the need to improve other things. If I think the A.H.L. is fast, I know it's going to be faster still at the next level."

Quote to McKay printed in the Edmonton Oilers Hockey program regarding Velenosi Power Skating

Parents of Students

K & K V.

I can’t say enough about how much we enjoyed your hockey school. Even a couple of coaches from Strathroy agree you guys have a fantastic teaching style. Keep up the good work. We look forward to seeing you next year.

S. & R. D Guelph

I’d be happy to vouch for the Velenosi sessions for anyone wanting some feedback. Wed be in it all year long if the drive were a little closer and our schedules not so hectic. It is an excellent system, and Sandy and his instructors should be commended for their efforts.


Thanks to both of you. We went undefeated thru the playoffs and swept the championship series. Thanks a lot for the great powerskating lessons you have provided to our kids on our team this season.


I just got back from watching my son and daughter at the quad pad Christmas Clinic. I also had the pleasure of meeting Sandy. I must tell you , my kids love your program. I was not so sure if my son and daughter would get enough out of the clinic at their ages, but last night putting Alex to bed, he couldn’t wait to get to power skating this morning. Thank you, just from the two clinics already I can see such an improvement with their skating and puck control.


I want to let you know how helpful this program has been for Joshua. It is so obvious the difference in his ability and confidence when he is playing hockey and due to that he stands out head and shoulders above his team on effort because of his confidence. He will never be the best hockey player (and that isn’t my goal) but he is a competent, safe, competitive and happy one and that is my goal.


First of all I’d like to start off by saying that I was more than impressed with the power skating instruction Isaac received today. The professionalism that is presented is remarkable and the instructors do a wonderful job with the kids. I was pleased to see that when our son was doing something wrong the instructors stopped him and had him do it right.


I would just like to tell you how much of an impression Sandy has made on my son. Since Brandon has been working with Sandy he has become more focused and driven during his games.

K & A H.

Just a small update on J. H., remember him? He ended up making the Univ team up in the Sault where he is enrolled in the Aviation program. J is now 21 years and has made it to JR A. hockey as a referee. Jesse was nominated and made the Excellence of Officiating program ,which select 17 Referees to participate in from Canada!! J is now one of the youngest JR A refs in Canada. Now you will like this… Every supervisor that checks him out says what a great skater he is for such a big boy. Oh J is now 6:1 225 in great shape.One of the critiques he got from the Ontario supervisor at a JR A game was "after you drop the puck J don't do those fancy cross overs getting out of the way, you are making the players look bad". Some the coaches told his players to get there a%^*&* moving as the ref is out skating all of you. He is always getting major compliments on his skating and when he is asked about hockey schools or power skating he always says "I skate the Velenosi way". Many many hours of cross over's with you and Sandy has certainly made Jesse the skater he is today. A sincere thank to the both of you for teach our son to skate YOUR way!!!